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Sip ‘n’ Splatter is offering way more than arts…

Dami Ajibz, Founder

Sip & Splatter MCR is the newest, biggest host of sip and paint parties, and without giving away the elements of surprise, would be the most sought after events for people who are are creative or want to be creative while also infusing loads of fun while at it.

Sip & Splatter is offering way more than arts, and this will unfold as the times pass.

Follow us on this journey, as we add some colour to the city through our hosted events, your corporate & office bonding events, your private events and so much more.

Our organisation prides itself in the saying ‘come as you are’, a platform for all, irrespective of your experience with Art or painting. Our Instructor led sessions will break that ice and set you on your way to being the artist you have never thought you could be.

We say YES to a time out, bonding with a group of friends, family, colleagues or even strangers, while sipping on your favourite drinks and splattering away.

Come tell your stories and create memories…